2021 District All Stars

  Age Group Announce Teams Dates Dist 7 Location  State Location 
 8-9-10 Baseball May 15  June 14-17 Countryside Dist 2
 9-10-11 Baseball May 15  June 17-19 Countryside Dist 12
 Little League Baseball May 15 June 21-24 Countryside Dist 13
 Junior League Baseball May 15 June 17-19 Stapley JHS TBD
 8-9-10 Softball May 15 June 15-18 Quail Run Dist 10
 Little League Softball May 15 June 15-18 Quail Run Dist 14
 Junior League Softball May 15 June 24-26 Quail Run Dist 5
This timeline applies ONLY to leagues in Arizona District 7 and is subject to change at anytime. State locations may change.
You should ALWAYS plan on several days extra BEFORE and AFTER for rain and other changes.

Brackets and game score updates are posted here when available.

State locations and dates
8-10 and 9-11 baseball and softball: Cubs Stadium
Little League, Junior League baseball and softball:Cubs Stadium
A summary Rules discussion and Birth Certificate verification will be conducted at this meeting.

League Times JUNE 5th:

Mesa American Little League 9AM
Red Mountain Little League 10AM
Four Peaks Softball 11AM
Four Peaks Little League 12PM
Westwood Little League 1PM

Required All Star Paperwork:

1) Player Verification Form: CLICK HERE
2) Birth Certificate original (or state issued copy) – Do NOT collect from parent, see below.
3) Residency documents as outlined here
4) Medical Release Form
* Original birth certificate must be presented to the DA by the parent and participant.

General Rules for All Stars


All Stars is governed through Little League Baseball and Softball at the district level. The District Administrator is assigned the task to make sure all rules and regulations are followed.. Please read below so you understand the requirements of participating in All Stars..

1) Any player on an all star team must be approved on an all star affidavit. Requirements include their original birth certificate (or state certified copy) not a PHOTOCOPY… You also need to provide 3 items with your address (only 1 can be from the ‘utility’ group) Ie; DL, Voter Card, Insurance card, Phone bill, House statement, financial statements…

2) Any player playing on a team MUST reside within that leagues boundaries unless a 2D, 4H, or waiver was approved. (They shouldn’t even be playing if this isn’t the case!)

At the Tournament Site:

1) NO LOCAL RULES APPLY. Everything is per the LL rule book, tournament play. (IE; No Drop Dead)

2) There is no must slide rule. There is no must slide rule. There is no must slide rule.. Parents argue every year about this rule. The official LL rule was changed YEARS ago that a runner must slide OR attempt to get around a player who has the ball and is waiting to make a tag. Yes, sliding is 99.5% more effective yet it is NOT required.

3) No talking to coaches or players during the game. They are in All Stars, we want 100% of them focused on the game. If there is an emergency or you need to get them something see one of the tournament hosts or myself. Managers/Coaches are responsible to keep the dugout gates shut.

4) No FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. There is nothing worse then a child batting and a flash going off every few seconds.. We give 1 warning on this then you will be asked to put the camera away.. Please turn off the flash…

5) Umpires are volunteers there to provide the opportunity for your child to play. They are truly exceptional people to volunteer their time for your children.  They will make errors on calls… More often, they will make correct calls that you think are errors. AT NO TIME IS IT ACCEPTABLE TO VERBALLY QUESTION THEIR CALLS OR MAKE STATEMENTS ABOUT THEIR CALLS. Those who break this rule will be asked to leave, no warnings are given.

6) Sportsmanship and Integrity are expected from all players and coaches. The winning team of the tournament may have the opportunity to advance to sectional/state play. If coaches, players, or parents have been ejected from a game(s), it may disqualify the team/individual from any further advancement. (by the tournament committee) Please remember to be on your ABSOLUTE best behavior..

If you cannot control yourself; it’s best to remove yourself from the situation and come back later rather then get ejected.