Fall Ball

Arizona District 7: Fall Ball Little League 2018 Information

Emphasis is placed on Training and Development.
Weekly Team Practice. (one per week)
Weekly games either Friday evening or Saturday morning.
If you play other sports please note preferred days for games under requests.
Double headers (2 games in a day) are possible for Minors, Majors, and Juniors.
Mandatory Play is 6 outs / 1 at bat per game.
We will be starting practice the week of SEPTEMBER 3rd.
Games will start Sept. 7th. SIGNUPS START JUNE 1st.
Late registration is available – some divisions may not be available
Any player that resides in a local league within District 7 is welcome to participate.

Coaches – This season we will NOT be “holding” spots. If you are expecting players, they must register early.

SCHEDULES: To be posted August 2018

General Information:

1) WALK IN REGISTRATION: Rhodes Junior High School June 16, 2018 1PM-2PM across from Softball field.
2) Applications can be dropped off at the Quail Run Park concession stand Mon-Sat June 17-27 from 6p-8p.
5) Fallball is open to players aged 6-14 (Baseball) and 8-14 (Softball).
6) Games will be played at Quail Run, Fiesta Park, and Stapley.
7) Space is limited and spots are on a first come first serve basis.
8) Players are grouped by area (their “home” league) – player requests are accepted.
9) Uniform includes Hat and Shirt. Fields, umpires, lights, etc, are all included in the cost.
10) Season is from late August – 1st week of November.
11) Boundaries are combined during the fall season.
12) Team managers must have managed in a Local Little League in the Spring.
13) We are ONLY taking 12 teams this year per division assigned in order of registration.

Player Applications

Fall Ball Applications and Fee’s:

FALL BALL Player Registration Form.

Registering early helps us with field permits and team counts that need submitted 30 days in advance.

The Participation Fee during FALL is:

If registered by June 30:

$85.00 for Coach Pitch Baseball (Ages 6-8)
$110.00 for Minors Baseball or Softball (Ages 8-10)
$110.00 for Majors Baseball or Softball (Ages 10-12)
$110 for Juniors Baseball or Softball (Ages 12-14)

$250 Family Maximum (send email if registering online)

If registered after June 30:

$95.00 for Coach Pitch Baseball (Ages 6-8)
$125.00 for Minors Baseball or Softball (Ages 8-10)
$125.00 for Majors Baseball or Softball (Ages 10-12)
$125 for Juniors Baseball or Softball (Ages 12-14)

$250 Family Maximum (send email if registering online)

We do not do any type of fall season fundraising.

Fee’s are due at registration. The fee’s paid cover equipment such as game balls, lights, field rentals, insurance, umpires, and of course the uniform. Fee’s will be refunded if a player is unable to play but please let us know as soon as possible.


We will attempt to provide Fall Ball FAQS in this section based on how the program is operated and questions received by the Program.

Question: Does a player have to try out to be a member of a Fall Ball Team

Answer: No, teams are formed by Local League Affiliation, age group, and experience level.

Question: Is Fall Ball open to all Kids?

Answer: Yes, generally speaking the program is open to all kids wanting to participate. All baseball players must be at least 6 and not older than 14 on August 31, 2018 to register.

Question: Please explain the Fall Ball Age Structure.

Answer: Age is calculated using Little League age guidelines + 1. Calculate League Age

Question: What do I need to purchase?

Answer: Shirts and Hats are provided. You will need to purchase pants unless your child has them already. Also a youth protective cup is recommended for all boys and is required for boys wanting to play the position of catcher.

Question: Can my child request a team?

Answer: Absolutely. It would be up to the coach if they have room on the team. We try to place every player where they want to play.

Question: Are there late signup’s?

Answer: Generally no. We need to organize teams quickly so we try to avoid signing players up late.

Question: What are the rules in Fall Ball?

Answer: Generally they follow regular LL rules. All players present bat in a continuous order in Majors and below, and must play a minimum 6 outs.

Question: I have additional questions about FallBall, who should I talk to?

Answer: Mark Yarbrough organizes the FALL program. You can email him at mark@mesacable.com