Interleague BB

Arizona District 7: JR BB

2017 D7 Baseball Interleague – VIEW SCHEDULE

GAME TIME: – Game time is your scheduled start time. It is the managers and umpires responsibility to get the game started on time. If umpires are not present at game time Managers of each team will umpire or select an adult representative to umpire the game. If delayed by school games in progress, scheduled start time will be 20 minutes after school game concludes.

REGULATION GAME: – No new inning will start after 1 hour 45 min or 7 innings. The 10 run mercy rule is in effect. After 5 inning (4 ½ if home team leads) if any team has 10 or more runs above the opposing team, that game shall be called. Drop dead is 2 hours.

SIDE RETIRED: – Teams will alternate from offense to defense when the batting team has 3 outs. There is no per inning run rule.

PITCHERS: – Pitching logs are to be kept current. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. Refer to the rulebook for maximum pitches allowed per game for each pitcher. Also, check to see if the pitcher has had the required amount of days off since last appearance.

DEFENSIVE PLAYERS: – All teams will play 9 defensive players in the field.

BATTING ORDER: – All payers present will bat in a continuous order unless coach wishes to use 9 player system. 

WARMING UP PLAYERS: – At no time may a player warm-up off the field of play without direct coach supervision.

SLIDING: – Refer to your rule book and confer with umpire prior to start of game. Sliding is not required, but avoiding contact with a defensive player who is in possession of the ball is.

PLAYER CONTACT:At no time is it acceptable for players to purposefully make contact with another player. Umpires shall remove a player from the game that, in their opinion, makes unreasonable contact with another player. Defensive players shall not obstruct or block a base unless they have possession of the ball and are waiting to make a tag.

CATCHER EQUIPMENT: – Catchers must have proper protections including shin guards, an approved catcher’s mask with dangling throat guard, a full-length chest protector, and athletic cup.

DUG OUTS: – Home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout. ONLY 3 adults MAX in dugout.

TEAM CONDUCT: – Managers are responsible for conduct of their coaching staff and players.

FIELD PREPARATION: – Home team prepares the field and the visiting team helps cleans field.
a. Raking/dragging of the infield. (home team)
b. Watering of the infield if too dry or dusty. (home team)
c. Chalking of the infield. (home team)
d. Hanging league sponsor banners (home team)
e. Removal of garbage, bases, equipment, cleaning field and stands, and turning off lights after game removing/putting away league sponsor banners (both teams)

PLAYERS POOL: – The player’s pool rule is in effect for this division. Teams having knowledge they will not be able to field 9 players should contact the Player’s Agent 24 hours prior to game start. Pool Players are to be last in the batting order, may not pitch and shall play a minimum of 3 innings. Managers must inform opponent if he has a player pool player.